"Soft Rain" EP to be officially released THIS FALL!

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Becky Nordquist is not a stranger to trauma, grief and loss. Her writing and speaking breathe with the transparency of someone who has traveled the roads of suffering and found redemption. 

Becky has wrestled with God in the dark places of faith that allow us to know Him in a deeply intimate way. Nothing ignites her passion more than leading those who are hopeless and lost, wondering and wandering to know that God is in the midst of their suffering and that His grace is sufficient for every heartache.

 A gifted author, speaker, songwriter, and recording artist, Becky speaks and sings at conferences, seminars, retreats, community settings, and is known for her passionate and insightful ability to communicate the Word of God.

"Becky Nordquist speaks and writes from a deep wellspring of personal pain and passion, for the healing power of the Word of God. She brings authenticity, wisdom, power, warmth, and rare transparency to issues we all face-identity, suffering, trauma, resilience, and finding purpose in our bleakest moments."

Shelly Beach, multiple-award winning author of Love Letters from the Edge



"Heaven's plAyground"

(Pictured left to right: Steve Siler, Becky Nordquist, Tony Wood, Kent Hooper)

Wonderful day in the studio recording 'Heaven's Playground'.

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I am 1 in 4... click to watch video

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