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Becky Nordquist and Music for the Soul embarked on a new and exciting journey into the world of podcasting!

Already charting overseas and in Canada, Music for the Soul Podcast is beginning to take flight here in the United States. Their hope to expand the mission of bringing hope and healing all around the world for the wounded and hurting through the power of music.

Interviews with artists, songwriters, therapists and people who have been ministered through the work of music and Music for the soul offer their stories and expertise for the sake of healing souls. 


Words from some of our loyal listeners...    

"I feel like we are just sitting around a table together having a cup of coffee when I listen to your podcast."

"It's refreshing to hear conversations from committed Christian people that are honest and to the point. People who have been through sexual abuse may have heard people say, "It's not your fault," but to have people who have through it tell them it isn't carries extra weight. Please keep the honest conversation going!"

"Becky has an uncanny ability to make you feel like you're in your momma's arms. The healing I receive by listening to these podcasts and her music are parallel to none."

New episodes are available weekly! Please check it out anywhere you stream podcasts and share it with a friend! Help spread the healing hope of Christ through the ministry of song.

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"Soft Rain" officially released and receiving beautiful reviews!

Available at, Amazon music, Apple iTunes, Pandora, and Spotify!

Becky's latest ep. is a poignant collection of honest music intersecting the painful events in life and God's tender, healing hand of love and mercy.

"Soft Rain is thoughtful, deep, beautifully written and recorded as it plumbs the depths of our shared universal loss while pointing to hope. Nordquist, Siler, Wood, and Baroni have captured an intimate healing and worshipful experience for those who are grieving, which is all of us on some level. A worthy freshman release from a talented singer who has a lot more than a voice to share with the world!"” - John Chisum

— President, Nashville Christian Songwriters

"I loved these songs! Soft Rain is a very therapeutic album!” - Hedi Austel

— Author of 'Discovering God's Grace in Depression'

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