About Becky...

Becky is a West Michigan based Speaker, author, worship leader, songwriter, and recording artist.  Her message is full of the hope we have in Christ and His wonderful transforming work in our lives. Her speaking ministry offers inspirational, motivational messages, and topical sessions, as well as,  straight up Bible teaching. Becky also offers an eclectic feel to worship and Christian Contemporary music. 

 "Becky Nordquist embodies everything that is right about  worship leading and Christian artistry. She is authentic,  transparent, loving, and carries the presence of Christ like few people I have encountered in my 40 years of ministry. I heartily recommend Becky as a minister of praise and grace!"

-John Chisum, Nashville Christian Songwriters

At the tender age of three, Becky began traveling with her Dad to sing at various events all over Michigan.  This imbedded a love for glorifying God through music deep in her heart.  Studying with a variety of vocal coaches throughout her upbringing (everything from jazz and gospel to classical), she developed the ability to sing many different genres of music.  Her years of training have created a somewhat eclectic sound that is unique and powerful.  She began writing music at the age of 11, and is currently writing for her next EP.  

Not a stranger to trauma, grief and loss, her music breathes undertones of someone who has honestly traveled those roads and wrestled the dark places of faith necessary to knowing God in a deeply intimate way.  Becky holds over 20 years of worship leading in her background, public speaking,  and writing. 

Her mission is to bring the mercy, grace, and love of God to those who are broken, wandering and wondering where God is in the midst of their suffering, as well as, lead His people into deep, honest and "All In" devotion.


"Becky's inspiring testimony demonstrates the power of God to redeem the most painful experiences of our lives and 'flip the script' of our deepest sorrow."

Pastor Dawn Scott Damon, speaker and award-winning author of The Freedom Project